Why I Invest In Dividend Stocks

Dividends Forever
3 min readSep 18, 2023

You should pick an investment style that suits your personality and lifestyle.

Different strategies work for different people. And today, I want to share why I invest in dividend stocks. This isn’t some boring article packed with generic platitudes, either.

Instead, I want to share two very real benefits to dividend investing.

Neither of which gets much mainstream coverage.

1. Many High-Income Opportunities Have Short Lifespans

Dropshipping. Affiliate marketing. AI. Social media. Short form content. Podcasting. Selling solar panels…

These are all extremely lucrative business models. For a while.

And if you’re early.

I used to have a lot of success with SEO niche sites. From 2015 to 2017, I had numerous review articles that outranked heavy hitters like Gizmodo. And at $25-$50 commissions per product sold, building niche sites was the proverbial “license to print money.”

Around 2018, however, Google changed their search indexes to favor legacy media and mainstream websites.

This ended the days of scrappy, well-optimized niche sites beating out Gizmodo or CNN and cornering the market on profitable, long-tail keywords.



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