What Are “Asset Cheerleaders” And How Do They Make So Much Money?

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6 min readDec 14, 2021

Huge crypto news! Reddit user HotPeePeeMan69 speculates that if aliens exist, they’d probably accept Dogecoin as the official intergalactic barter currency.

Top Doge experts, such as myself, are now predicting $10,000,000 per token Dogecoin by December 26th.

Why December 26th?

Because, if aliens are real, they’ll certainly want to visit Earth for Christmas.

And, Elon Musk can easily whip up an intergalactic trade agreement, using NFT technology to permanently secure Dogecoin as the de facto interplanetary meme token.

This is huge news, guys. And I’m so excited to be sharing it with you.

So remember, all-in on Doge before the aliens are discovered and before Elon drafts the NFT trade charter. This is a no-risk, guaranteed 100 million x opportunity that literally cannot lose!

All jokes aside, you’ve undoubtedly seen Tik Tok and YouTube videos like this.

I call these people “Asset Cheerleaders.”

An asset cheerleader picks one stock or one crypto currency and then spends all their time hyping up how great that particular investment is. There’s usually very little research put into their reasoning, and a lot of the opportunities for growth or profit are highly speculative.

For fun, we’ll look at why this style of investment advice is so popular. And, how it is extremely profitable for the asset cheerleaders themselves.

Why Only Talking About One Asset Works

When I say that asset cheerleaders pick one investment to harp on, I literally mean one investment. They aren’t focused tech stocks, they’re into Tesla and it is 100% of their portfolio. Or if it’s a crypto cheerleader, they only own a very specific coin and that’s the only one they talk about.

On the surface, this sounds dumb. But it actually makes a lot of sense from a content creation / consumption standpoint.

In advertising, focusing on one product often leads to more sales than showcasing a variety of options. If I have five air compressors for you to choose from (and each has unique pros and cons), you…

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