This Company Pays A 40% Annual Dividend — Should You Invest?

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4 min readNov 29, 2023

Do you ever imagine yourself in an epic science fiction setting like Star Wars or Star Trek? Well, you can live out those fantasies by visiting a large, international shipping hub.

The size and scale of the cargo ships, cranes, loading docks, and storge terminals is unbelievable.

It’s like you’re gazing up at Star Destroyers.

I say this because today’s stock is an international shipping giant.

A.P. Møller — Mærsk ($AMKBY) controls 15% of the global shipping trade. It’s also a cheap stock, trading at a price to earnings ratio of just 7.10. And, an ultra-high dividend payer — with a starting yield of 39.98%.

In today’s article, I want to explain why Mærsk’s dividend is not sustainable.

And why I still think this could be a good investment, despite the looming dividend cut.

What Does A.P. Møller — Mærsk Do?

When most people think shipping, they think UPS or FedEx.

These are the two consumer-facing conglomerates that deliver your Amazon packages and important documents.

But the shipping and logistics industry goes well beyond these two household names. There are dozens of major players like J.B…



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