Rogers Sugar — A Perpetual “Hidden Gem” Value Stock

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3 min readNov 22, 2023

For every stock review I publish, there are two to three write-ups that never see the light of day. This usually happens when I don’t fully understand a company. Or when I stumble on a stock that looks promising, only to realize that it’s a long-term dud.

I bring this up, because today’s stock, Rogers Sugar ($RSGUF) is a company I privately looked at last year.

And I untimely determined that this stock looked like a dud, so I wouldn’t publish a report on it. Flash froward to today. Rogers Sugar is still a dud. But, the company is getting some hype online.

Which is why I want to publicly analyze Rogers Sugar and explain my issues with this “hidden gem dividend value stock.”

What Does Rogers Sugar Do?

Rogers Sugar is a Canadian company that refines and packages sugar. They own brands like Nature’s Raw, as well as selling the generic white and brown sugar that you might find on your local supermarket shelf.

Sugar is a reliable business, and Rogers Sugar has been around since 1888.

This is a Canadian company and a business that went through a stock transformation in 2011 when Rogers Sugar Income Fund became Rogers Sugar. As such, I had a hard time tracking the long-term dividend history.

But, the U.S. listed $RSGUF shares have paid uninterrupted dividends since 2011.

Rogers Sugar certainly looks like a dividend value stock. This is a well-established company. And it’s an obscure but essential business that provides products millions of people depend on. Plus, the business has rewarded shareholders for decades.

So far so good. Until we look at the stock’s long-term performance…

Rogers Sugar Fundamental Analysis

The U.S. listed $RSGUF shares for Rogers Sugar have delivered an average annual total return of 3.93% since November, 2013.

This lags the S&P 500. And, it fails to keep pace with inflation.

Not good. But total returns aren’t what draw dividend investors to this stock.



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