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3 min readJun 20, 2024

Story time…

I’m on a road trip from Southern Argentina up to Uruguay. And on this trip, I had a one day stop in a random city.

For whatever reason, most hotels in smaller cities do not have any way to book online. And unsure of where to stay or what would be available, I grabbed a room at one of the only hotels with a listing.

Fast forward to the day of arrival.

After a long morning of travel and a difficult time finding a cab, I finally reach my hotel. It doesn’t match the online pictures. But whatever. I’m staying one night and spending most of my time outside, exploring the city.

I walk in and the clerk at the front counter asks if I have a reservation.

I do, and looks it up.

Everything is going smoothly until the clerk asks, “How would you like to pay?”

“I already paid.”

“No, you reversed a room online. You still need to pay for your stay.”

I pulled-up my reservation and pointed to the part clearly labeled “Your booking is paid and confirmed.”

After looking at this for a good 90 seconds, the clerk confidently declared that I had been duped by an online scam and that I’d need to pay the full amount, again, if I…



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