I Read A Survivalist Book That Recommends This Alternative To Gold

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2 min readMar 18, 2023

Imagine a cheap, practical store of value.

One that increases in price during times of uncertainty.

And isn’t Bitcoin, gold, or any traditional inflation hedge you’ve ever considered.

That’s right.

We’re talking about old coffee cans full of usable screws and nails.

The Case For Investing In Hardware

Millions Of Garages And Toolsheds Across America Have Cans Like This One

I read about the idea of “investing” in building materials like nails and screws as a gold alternative in a survivalist book.

And I’ll give you the author’s logic for this.

As well as sharing some additional thoughts on buying old hardware.

The author argued that nails, bolts, and screws all have practical value.

Which is true.

And, that these items become more valuable in times of uncertainty. Or in the event of a total societal collapse. Probably true, since building materials skyrocketed in 2021 — amid supply chain constraints.



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