How Rich People Think — Book Review

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3 min readSep 19, 2022

If you want world-class wealth, copy the beliefs of the wealthy, knowing you will eventually begin to behave based on those beliefs. While the masses are searching for the answer on the outside, the great ones know building wealth starts on the inside. First you build world-class beliefs around money, then you take action based on those beliefs.

— Steve Siebold, How Rich People Think

A Twitter friend who’s achieved empirical success in many fields recently recommended Steve Siebold’s How Rich People Think.

This is somewhat of a lesser-known mindset or “success habits” type book. And there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of it before. I know I hadn’t.

Over the weekend, I sat down and gave this title a read.

Here are three big takeaways.

1. Middle Class Believes Money Is Earned Through Labor… World Class Believes Money Is Earned Through Thought

This is the difference between Hustle Culture / Protestant Work Ethic and people who actually become wealthy. Creating an idea and leveraging it brings in far more money than “hard work.”

Playing the high-inflation environment or using assets to do the heavy lifting are strategies most middle class people do not think think of.

If you were playing a game, you’d follow the winning strategy.

So why not do the same in real life?

2. Middle Class Doesn’t Connect Travel With Wealth… World Class Knows Travel Connects Them With The Wealthy

Where you live plays a big impact on how you see the world.

Going abroad and seeing new cultures opens your eyes to what’s possible. In America, nobody travels with children. European families take their kids on international vacations.

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