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3 min readMar 24, 2022

I have several friends I’d describe as “Crypto Super Traders.” Or maybe “Super Investors,” because some of them don’t sell.

For privacy’s sake, I’m going to be vague about details. But, these are all people I personally know and hang out with. And although each of these super traders has made money in a different field (crypto investing, NFT minting, metaverse infrastructure), they all share a few similarities.

They All Have Stable Income

The most obvious advice is also the least popular. But with one exception, everyone I know who got rich with crypto did so while collecting a steady paycheck.

A friend made several million dollars across multiple coin investments. And this friend did so by sinking a portion of each paycheck into then-unknown projects like Chainlink and Avalanche. If the friend got a bonus or some kind of windfall, they put that into crypto too.

Likewise, I know many people who 10x’ed or 20x’ed their net worth by simply dollar-cost averaging into Bitcoin. Boring, but effective.

If you have a consistent stream of investible income, you can take speculative buy-and-hold risks. Unlike day traders, you aren’t dependent on quick gains to pay the electric bill or buy groceries. This allows you to think long-term and hold projects until they reach their full potential or see serious price appreciation.

They Do Their Own Research

During the height of Dogecoin Mania, a friend told me that they were investing an a similar but lesser known crypto project. One that was equally memeable, but had a fixed market cap. A currency called Shiba Inu.

Another friend saw the NFT space taking off. And, instead of trying to flip existing artwork, they used their marketing experience to capitalize on the trend and create their own highly successful NFT collection.

Crypto super traders beat the market through research, not luck.

They get ahead of the public by reading whitepapers, analyzing communities, and thinking critically about which projects are most likely to succeed.

In other words, super traders don’t chase trends. The trends come to them.

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