Common Traits Of Wealthy People I Know

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5 min readJun 25, 2022

When I was 22 years old, I read an article stating that Vietnam produced more millionaires per day than any other country on Earth. So, I bought a plane ticket and moved there.

I met a lot of cool and interesting people while living there.

Additionally, I got a good picture of what actual money is like.

I’m not talking about Millionaire Next Door wealth where couples drive a used car and index fund for 30 years. I’m referring to people who went from no electricity or running water to driving Lamborghinis — all in the span of one generation.

Super Cars And Elite Luxury Vehicles Were A Common Sight

Since then, I’ve lived in other countries and noticed similar trends in how the local aristocracy behaves and makes their money.

And in today’s article, I want to share these insights with you.

“Behind Every Great Fortune Lies A Great Crime”

Self-help and personal finance books perpetuate the idea that wealthy people are exemplars of the the Protestant work ethic.

In realty, a lot of people become rich through their capacity for violence.

Mobsters are very common throughout Asia.

And in Mexico (where I’m currently located) there are a lot of small cities with Gucci stores, expensive marinas, and fancy restaurants — many of which are funded by crime.

Sneaking A Picture At A High-End Mall In Mexico

Even America’s first millionaire, John Jacob Astor, smuggled opium.

This might seem like a weird way to start an article, but the Internet’s cult of wealth worship completely ignores crime or dumb luck.

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