Casino Secrets THEY Don’t Want You To Know

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4 min readMay 31, 2023

Gambling is on the rise.

2022 set a new record for casino wagers — with casinos and sports betting apps generating more than $54.93 billion in revenue.

And everyone wants to be the next big sports bettor or poker champ.

Rather than boring you with facts and statistics about losing gamblers and the house edge, I want to share a few insider secrets about what happens when you win.

Just Like A Finely Crafted Rick And Morty Joke, Gambling Requires “A Very High IQ” To Understand

Excluding some games of pure chance (such as Fan-Tan), almost all bets have a statistical probability.

Want to know why Craps is entirely based around the number seven?

Because seven is the most common number combination of a two die roll.

The next time you’re playing Monopoly, build a house or hotel seven spaces ahead of your opponent. There’s a 16.667% chance they land there.

Actual gambling consists of a lot of math equations, a lot of statistics, and a lot of memorizing complex formulas. All of which you have to know well enough to fallback on under extreme pressure.



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