Ape Like Warren Buffett

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6 min readOct 18, 2021

Crypto is starting on a new bull-run, which means you’re going to see a lot of FOMO over random alt coins and NFTs. This also means heavy news coverage for a handful of people who pick the next one or two winning tokens, while all the investors who go bust on all the other flopped projects are quietly ignored.

While I like crypto, I also think that the space attracts a lot of unsophisticated gamblers who are simply looking for that one big payday.

This is why there are so many coins that exist solely as get rich quick schemes. And why there are YouTube videos unironically titled So You Lost Money In Dogecoin? Here’s The Next 1000x Opportunity.

At the same time, crypto is one of the few spaces where you can take $500 and turn it into $6,000 within a year.

Because of this, today’s article is all about asymmetrical bets.

For the unfamiliar, asymmetrical bets are situations where you take on very little risk (or sometimes none at all) while exposing yourself to potentially massive rewards.

The grandfather of conservative investing, Warren Buffett is famous for using this strategy whenever he apes into a hot new trend.

Take Buffett’s 2002 investment in Amazon.



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