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2 min readSep 24, 2022

Credit cards offer a lot of features that traditional cash lacks.

One advantage that’s seldom discussed is the American Express “Offers & Benefits” feature.

Essentially, if you have an American Express card, you’re offered a special, time-sensitive discounts with particular brands. Many of which save you 10–35% on a purchase.

Here’s an example:

Each Of These Discounts Save You 20%

Not all of these offers are going to appeal to you.

But sometimes you’ll find a deal that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

I love reading and have been tearing through mass market thrillers like the Dirk Pitt and Jack Reacher series. And generally, I buy these books used.

When it comes to second-hand books, eBay is far better than Amazon. On eBay, most sellers offer free shipping, and you can often find used paperbacks for less than $4.

Recently, I logged into my American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card and saw a special eBay offer. Spend $15 or more, and get $5 back.

I used this offer to buy four books totaling $19.63. Post discount, this was reduced to $14.63 — saving me over 25% on my purchase.

Credit cards get a lot of hate.

But, they’re a great way to save money — when used intelligently.

A card like the Blue Cash Everyday has no annual fees, offers a $200 welcome bonus, and earns you up to 3% cash back on gas station and grocery store purchases.

Not to mention the rotating selection of special discounts and offers.

Done strategically, this can be a great savings vehicle.

Capitalize on cash back opportunities, use the exclusive promotions that fit your needs, and pay your balance off on time.

In a world where everything is getting more expensive and “high-yield” savings accounts pay 1% annual interest, intelligent credit card use is a great way to retain more of your money.

Click here if you’re interested in Blue Cash Everyday Card and its $200 welcome bonus.

Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment purposes only. It is not financial advice, always do your own research. Also, this article contains referral links to help support Sad No Coiner.

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