3 Super Unique Credit Cards You Might Like…

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3 min readFeb 14, 2024

Weird, interesting, and off-beat credit cards.

That’s today’s topic.

And no, this isn’t a sales pitch or product recommendation. Instead, today’s article highlights some unique credit cards that are often overshadowed by their mainstream peers.

These are all useful cards that fit an ultra-specific niche, be it saving money on used books or earning 4% cash-back whenever you buy gold bars.

Without further ado, here are the cards…

1. eBay Mastercard (Used Books And Collectables)

eBay is one of the best platforms for buying used books, secondhand jewelry, and collectables.

And in many ways, shopping on eBay is actually better than using Amazon.

On eBay, for example, most booksellers offer free shipping on any order. And, they’ll usually throw-in an extra discount if you buy more than one book. Likewise, you can often find a lot of collectables and vintage luxury goods that would be virtually impossible to source anywhere else.

The eBay Mastercard is a rewards card with no annual fees and, depending on the time of year, a $30 — $50 new cardholder welcome bonus.

This card has an interesting structure where users earn 3x points (credit card lingo for 3% back) on their first $1,000 worth of eBay purchases each year.

And any amount over the $1,000 threshold earns 5x points.

So, if you spent $2,000 in one year on eBay purchases, you’d net $80 worth of points and rewards. Not bad! Especially since this is a no-fee card, meaning it’s a free 3–5% discount on all your eBay purchases.

You can learn more about this card on eBay’s official sign-up page (not a referral link).

2. The Bullion Card (Cash-Back On Silver And Gold)

Responsible credit card use is a great way to save money thanks to cash-back benefits and rewards programs.

You can also “make the bank pay you” and earn extra cash by harvesting new cardholder sign-up bonuses. But, most cards ultimately encourage consumerism. And many rewards programs are designed to…



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