3 Stocks I’m Buying (November 2023)

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4 min readNov 1, 2023

The year is coming to a close. And what a year it’s been!

The stock market looks like a rollercoaster. And many quality companies that were trading at all-time highs are now deflating to multi-year lows.

If you follow this series, you’ll know that I kept most of my funds in cash for the majority of the year. I anticipated a big correction in quality stocks like American Express and Texas Instruments. And I bought the dip on most of these businesses, when the correction finally happened.

Because of this, I’m low on cash this month. And I have a very small pool of income to work with.

This is good for you, however. Since today’s list covers three very different stocks at three very different price points — a premium brand with a high PE ratio, a high-yield “value stock” with a low share price, and reasonably priced “hidden gem” compounder.

Let’s start with the premium brand.

1. McDonald’s Corporation ($MCD)

McDonald’s stock exploded in price earlier this year, becoming a Wall Street darling “Recession Play.” Then, shares tanked when Ozempic fears emerged.

Talk about a wild ride!

McDonald’s stock is currently down -0.82% year-to-date.

Shares are trading at a price to earnings ratio of 22.10. Expensive, but in-line with the S&P 500.

What’s not in-line with the S&P, however, is McDonald’s long-term performance. The stock has delivered a 13.32% average annual return since 2013, beating the general market.

McDonald’s also boasts robust dividend growth, with a 5-year compound annual dividend growth rate of 8.52%.

And, the starting dividend yield of 2.57% is more than double the S&P’s.

I’m happy to buy the dip on this quality market-beater.

2. Essential Utilities, Inc. ($WTRG)



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