3 Stocks I’m Buying (April 2022)

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5 min readApr 5, 2022

Another month is upon us. And that means another 3 Stocks I’m Buying update. As inflation looms and cost of living concerns grow, today’s article looks at several companies which are poised to benefit during these uncertain times.

Read on if you’re interested in stocks that offer: high-yield, high-growth, and dependability.

1. Old Republic International ($ORI)

Old Republic International Corporation is an insurance company that has paid uninterrupted dividends since 1942. While the business yields a modest 3.50% annual payout, Old Republic International also has a history of issuing special dividends.

These special dividends often boost the company’s yield into the 7–8% range, making Old Republic an interesting business for income investors.

One of the reasons that Old Republic can safely issue such large payouts is due to the unique nature of insurances companies.

Here’s an explanation from The Motley Fool:

There are two ways that insurance companies can make money. The obvious one is by taking in more money in insurance premiums than is being paid out for claims. If this is the case, the insurer is said to have operated at an underwriting profit.

The second way, which is less obvious but often far more important, is by investing the money taken in as premiums that have not yet been paid out for claims, a sum of money known as the float. For example, if an insurer is holding $1 billion in anticipation of future claims, the company is free to invest the money in the meantime and keep the profits.

Well-run insurance companies can essentially print money. Which is why they’re Warren Buffett’s favorite industry.

These businesses are able to use other people’s money (the float) to make low-risk investments (usually bonds or the…

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