3 Investments I’m Making (May 2022)

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4 min readMay 2, 2022

Blood is in the streets as investors panic.

Retail investors at least.

Warren Buffett bought $40 billion in stocks over the past three weeks, so maybe it’s not financial doomsday after all.

With the big sell-off underway, I’m using the opportunity to shore up some existing positions; buy into a downtrodden inflation-beater; and build more digital real estate.

1. Doubling Down On Old Republic International ($ORI) And McDonald’s Corporation ($MCD)

Old Republic International and McDonald’s Corporation are both companies that I started buying last month. Since then, both businesses have fallen in share price.

As such, I’m buying more.

Old Republic is an insurance company that has paid consistent dividends since 1942. It also has a history of issuing special, annualized payouts.

While the stock currently yields 4.18%, a $1 special dividend would push this up to about 8.7%. I’m buying the dip to enjoy both quarterly cash flow and any one-time payouts.

McDonald’s isn’t particularly high-yield or trading at a huge discount. However, I view this like Colgate or Procter & Gamble, back in March.

McDonald’s is a well-established mega-cap stock that isn’t going anywhere.

And it’s temporarily on sale, due to broader economic concerns.

The company just posted their first quarter results, and revenue is up 10.7%. Global sales have also increased by 11.8%. Yet, shares are down as investors panic-sell.

I’m happy to buy at a slight discount.

2. Adding Otis Worldwide Corporation ($OTIS)

Otis Worldwide Corporation is a weird, niche stock that I recently wrote about (you can read the in-depth report here). But…

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